Vouch you definition

vouch you definition

(formerly) to call or summon (a person) into court to make good a warranty of title.
British Dictionary definitions for vouch verb (intr usually foll by for) to give personal assurance; guaranteeI'll vouch for his safety (when tr, usually takes a clause as object; when intr, usually foll by for) to furnish supporting evidence (for) or function as proof (of) (tr).Contemporary Examples, in a stroke of genius, he enlisted Bundy to vouch for him on tape.phrasal verb, if you say that you can vouch for something, you mean that you have evidence from your own personal experience that it is true or correct.Meaning "guarantee to be true or accurate" is first attested 1590s.Show More verb (used with object) to sustain or uphold by, or as if by, practical proof or demonstration.Will you vouch for the truth of the statement?Early 14c., "summon into court to prove a title from Anglo-French voucher, Old French vocher "to call, summon, invoke, claim probably from Gallo-Romance *voticare, metathesis of Latin vocitare "to call to, summon insistently frequentative of Latin vocare "to call, call upon, summon" (see voice (n.).Just like with that previous treaty, the Obama administration has trotted out a diplomatic dream team to vouch for its merits.To say that one is sure that something reduction lido paris is fact or truth.
He cannot vouch for the accuracy of the story.
It was said, afterwards, we were in five fathoms water at this time, but for this I will not vouch.
To attest; guarantee; certify (usually followed by for to vouch for someone in a business transaction.
To warrant or attest; to support concour police gouv fr or authenticate with vouchers.Ruit zaruit se garantere belegen bürgen sich verbürgen assurer attester cautionner démontrer garantir staîfesta votta, ábyrgjast attestazione buono buono mensa garantire apliecint apstiprint galvot garantere for zarui sa dorulamak kefil olmak vouch vat vi to vouch for sth garantire qc to vouch for sb garantire.I can only vouch for its veracity by"ng the famous phrase, "If you see it in the Sun, it.".Kim's mother agreed to vouch for Maria and get her a job.Well, I can vouch for that statementgive someone everything and then take it all away and watch how they respond.More Synonyms of vouch for vouch cobuild Advanced English Dictionary.The publisher of this paper will vouch for my entire reliability.The White House has been rounding up senators to vouch for her.Vouch, see more synonyms on m verb (used without object) to support as being true, certain, reliable, etc.


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