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The horizontal stabilizer is set to 4 up but manual settings (e.g.
During the transition from take-off to cruise there is a 5-second transition, from descent to flare there is a two-second transition, and from flare to ground there is another 2 second transition in normal law.The ground mode and flare modes for alternate law are identical to those modes for normal law.All protections are lost, and the maximum deflection of the elevators is limited for each configuration as a function of the current aircraft centre of gravity.Alternate law 1 (ALT1) mode combines a normal law lateral mode with the load factor, bank angle protections retained.Pitch attitude is limited from 15 to 30, and upper limit is further reduced to 25 as the aircraft slows.And not-too-sensitive control with an aft.G.High speed and high angle of attack protections enter alternative law mode.5 Airbus A321 Cockpit Illustration of the Air-data reference system on Airbus A330 The aircraft is controlled by three primary control computers (captain's, first officer's, and standby) and two secondary control computers (captain's and first officer's).6 ALT1 may be entered if there are faults in the horizontal stabilizer, an elevator, yaw-damper actuation, slat or flap sensor, or a single air data reference fault.
At 50 feet the aircraft trims the nose slightly code promo edisac mars 2018 down.
The system prevents further trim up when the angle of attack is excessive, the load factor exceeds.3g, or when the bank angle exceeds.
Citation needed High speed protection will automatically recover from an overspeed.
Load factor protection is retained.
High angle of attack and high speed protections are retained unless the reason for alternate law 2 mode is the failure of two air-data references or if the two remaining air data references disagree.Full functionality is provided, including all enhanced performance, envelope protection and ride quality features.The design philosophy is: "to inform the pilot that the command being given would put the aircraft outside of its normal operating envelope, but the ability to do so is not precluded." 8 Normal mode edit In tmlewin voucher code normal mode the PFCs transmit actuator commands.1 2, a reduction of electronic flight control can be caused by the failure of a computational device, such as the flight control computer or an information providing device, such as the."11 Boeing B-777: Fly-By-Wire Flight Controls" (pdf).


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